Dalkom World is the largest community site in Jeolla-do.

uch as making reservations for businesses and checking event information. This allows members to easily use and enjoy the service with their mobile phones.

- Location-based system

달콤월드 provide benefits to our members by utilizing a location-based system. Through location-based services, we provide real-time business information and guidance within Dalkom World, as well as various information such as nearby discount benefits and events.


- Privacy

Dalkom World attaches great importance to the protection of members' personal information and has clear policies and measures in place to collect, protect, and use personal information. Customers can use Dalkom World’s services with confidence.

Sweet World Competitive Site

Before Dalkom World was opened, a site called I Love Balm (albam) was established as the largest community in Jeolla-do. Many businesses in Gwangju and Jeolla were so famous that it was safe to say they were affiliated with I Love Balm, but Dalkom World expanded its diverse content and updated the existing community bulletin board from the first half of 2022, and members gradually moved check here to Dalkom World, showing rapid growth. is riding.

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